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How I Made Money on Poshmark (On My First Try!)

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As part of my quest to get rid of clutter and live a less materialism-dependent life, I decided it was time to part with items in my closet.  Over the years, I had accumulated many brand-name purses and other items, and it made me sick to know that I hardly used any of these things.  It was time to let them go.  I decided to try reselling, and was surprised to make a sale so quickly!  Let me tell you how I made money on Poshmark on my first try!

My closet before I decided it was time for a change.

I started my Poshmark account @wildhuset and immediately posted three items to post on sale:  Two “pre-loved” Michael Kors wallets and a Victoria’s Secret red teddy/slip dress that I had never used, still with the price tag of $58 attached.  Almost immediately, I started seeing activity on my account with lots of followers and then a few likes here and there.  Someone asked if me one wallet was still available, to which I replied that it was, but no reply following that.

When I woke up the next morning, I saw that someone had put in an offer for the Victoria’s Secret red slip dress, offering to pay $15 for it.  I had originally listed it as $25 (remember, this was new with tags), so I counter-offered the buyer at $20.  She accepted!

Mailing out my first Poshmark sale!

And that is exactly how my first Poshmark sale, on my first try, went down.  Here are my tips for a successful sale:

Take lots of pictures!

I always post the maximum number of pictures allowed, which is eight.  I use a plain white posterboard as my background.  Take photos from every angle.  Take photos of every small scratch, wrinkle, scuff mark, etc.  This is the best way to show online shoppers the item exactly as it is and greatly decreases the chances of buyers returning your items.

Write out a clear description.

In addition to awesome pictures, make sure to describe the item in great detail, as well as your personal policies.  What are the measurements of your item?  Do you take offers?  Are you willing to trade?  Again, the more information you provide, the easier it is for your buyers to know exactly what they are purchasing.

Do not get greedy!

I think this is where a lot of sellers fail, by pricing too high.  Remember, you are trying to get rid of an item you hardly ever use.  It was just sitting there in your closet, worthless, unloved.  And buyers are trying to get a bargain.  Do not price your item too high!  Do your research and find out what similar items are selling for, and even sell it for a bit less if you so desire.  For me, I need to get rid of the clutter, and getting some money back for it is the icing on the cake.  If you want your item to sell, price it to do so!

Interested in buying and selling on Poshmark?  Let them know I referred you when you sign up by typing in @wildhuset as your personal invite code and share your reselling success stories below!

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