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3 Holiday Ingredients that are Cheaper at the Dollar Store

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After going back and forth on whether or not I was going to bake gingerbread cookies this week, I finally decided to go ahead with it.  I stopped by my local dollar store, Dollar Tree, and found some bargains on holiday ingredients!

#1:  Coconut Oil

dollar tree
Butcher Boy Coconut Oil, 7.5 oz

Incorporate coconut oil when making your sugar cookie dough, and you will come out with richer, longer-lasting sugar cookies!  I found some Butcher Boy 100% pure refined coconut oil at the dollar store!  Currently, this is selling for close to 6 bucks in the Grocery and Gourmet Food section on Amazon.

#2:  Sugar in the Raw

dollar store
Sugar in the Raw, box of 25 packets

I know for sure I paid much more for these at my local Walmart, and I see on Amazon a box of 25 packets costs around $5.  Save money instead and find it at your local dollar store!  Sugar in the Raw is super versatile.  You can sprinkle it over fruit or popcorn, and you can also bake some delicious desserts using it.  They have a recipe for mini pecan tarts on their website I’d like to try soon.

#3:  Molasses

dollar store
Golding Farms molasses, 8 oz

The gingerbread cookie recipe I will be using calls for molasses.  I only needed half a cup and was not too keen on buying it for 4-plus dollars at Walmart or Amazon, so I didn’t.  I’ve never heard of Golding Farms molasses before, but there it was at the dollar store!  I felt pretty proud of myself for holding out on buying molasses until I visited Dollar Tree.

If you plan baking some yummy treats this holiday season, I suggest you visit your local dollar store and save money on ingredients!

What bargains have you found at the dollar store lately?  Share your comments below!

dollar store

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