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The Pandora Bracelet: Jewelry That Tells a Story

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For my mom’s birthday this year, my sister, dad, and I decided to buy her something she has always wanted:  a Pandora bracelet.

Busy Boutiques

We first visited the Pandora store located at Disney Springs, but it was too busy that night and no one was available to help us, so we left.  So, we headed to The Mall at Millenia location a few days later, arriving soon after the mall opened.  We were able to be assisted, but the store became busy very quickly and the staff had to create a queue outside.

For those who have the tendency to become impatient pretty quickly, the waiting for someone to assist you might turn you away, like it did for me at the first store I visited.  An alternative would be to shop online through the Pandora website or other authorized seller.  I even saw the Pandora charms being sold on Amazon, with most items being eligible for Amazon Prime!

Each Bracelet Tells a Different Story

Pandora bracelets are special because each bracelet can be personalized according to the owner’s individual story.  There are charms symbolizing all kinds of special memories – family, travel, pets, love, holidays, birthdays, and so much more.

Lucky for us, Pandora was holding a post-holiday sale that day!  The deal was 45% off select styles when you purchase three items.  That was almost half price, so I decided to take advantage of the offer.

There were so many charms to choose from that it took forever to narrow it down to three!  Because my mother is very family-oriented, we finally ended up choosing charms that symbolized our family and her being a grandmother.

pandora bracelet

The Bracelet We Purchased

We picked out a limited-edition bangle from Pandora’s Mother’s Day Collection.  Designed specifically with mothers in mind, it was exactly what we were looking for!

The bracelet itself is really pretty.  It is made of sterling silver and features a silver heart clasp and the words “You are So Loved” engraved on it.  I also preferred the bangle over the flimsy bracelet style.

For the charms, we selected:

  • The Grandmother dangle charm, to symbolize the bond between her and her three grandchildren;
  • The Abundance of Love charm, to show how much love our family has for each other; and finally,
  • The Precious Boy charm, representing my son – her grandson and also first grandchild.

I was actually planning on buying two Precious Girl charms for her other two twin grandchildren, but they were out of stock!  This will be our gift on Mother’s Day, to complete the grandchildren charms.  She will love it!

The Perfect Gift

I knew we needed to choose sentimental, meaningful charms because as soon as my mother opened her present, she immediately wanted us to tell her the story behind each charm!  After telling her about each charm and why we picked it, she was beaming.  She loved the story behind her bracelet and proceeded to wear it for the rest of the day.  The Pandora bracelet gift was a success!

Do you own a Pandora bracelet?  What stories does your bracelet symbolize?  Share with us in the comments below!

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