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Guide to Star Wars at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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For the Star Wars fans out there, here is your guide to everything Star Wars at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

March of the First Order

Whatever you do, do not miss this one!  Of all the Star Wars offerings at Hollywood Studios, the March of the First Order is by far my favorite.  It is just so cool to watch Captain Phasma and her army of Stormtroopers marching up Hollywood Boulevard.  Plus, I tend to love the bad guys.

Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios

The march does stop halfway on Hollywood Boulevard as Captain Phasma points out someone from the crowd to try to intimidate.  Then, they continue their march up to Center Stage (in front of the Chinese Theater) where they demonstrate to the crowd their obedience to the Captain.

“Show me fearless!” she calls out as the Stormtroopers get right up into the faces of the people in the first row.  It is amazing.

You can watch the March of the First Order at the top of the hour, every hour, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Pro Tip:  Look for the tape on the ground as the best views are along those lines of tape.  Be near the stage for one show and, if you have time, come back for the march the next hour and stand on Hollywood Boulevard for a different view!

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Once the March of the First Order is finished, try to stay right where you are (or find your way closer to Center Stage) because the next show, A Galaxy Far, Far Away, happens just a few minutes later, starting at 10:30 a.m. and happening hourly on the half-hour until 4:30 p.m.

Of course, the best spot to view A Galaxy Far, Far Away is up front, right behind the rope.  It is a pretty cool show where you get to see the Star Wars characters live, all in one place!

Star Wars Launch Bay

Star Wars Launch Bay is a walk-through exhibit where you can meet characters, view movie props, and watch a documentary on the Star Wars franchise.

The character meet-and-greets were our priority, so that is what we focused on.  When you enter Launch Bay, make a right to meet Kylo Ren and Chewbacca.

At Star Wars Launch Bay, the first thing we did was head straight to meet Kylo Ren.  Lucky for us, it was a weeknight and there was no line, so we walked right in, and Kylo Ren immediately started his “scare-tactics” on us.  I was with my sister, but he picked on me more, probably because I had a scared look on my face the entire time!

Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios

“Stand here,” he ordered us, pointing to an area of the room.

“I have to watch you,” he added.

The experience is crazy because you get to be one-on-one with Kylo Ren, just you and him in a room (well, plus the two Disney cast members who are there to take your picture).  The actor really utilizes the space to try to intimidate you, and it is lots of fun!

Next, we headed for the Chewbacca meet-and-greet.

Chewie had more of a line, so we had to wait a few minutes, which was not too bad especially considering that you can look at some of the props used in the movie.  Actually, the cast member working told us that the light sabers displayed in the Chewbacca line were just “models” of the light sabers and not the actual ones used in the movie, which was a bummer!

Meeting Chewbacca is the complete opposite of meeting Kylo Ren.  Instead of this intimidating force, you get this huge, furry, cuddly, huggy Wookiee.  Seriously, Chewie is the biggest sweetheart ever.  Our pictures with him were adorable!

Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios

In addition to the meet-and-greets, you can head to the left side of Launch Bay to the Launch Bay Theater, where you can watch a documentary on the brilliant people behind the Star Wars movies.  This 10-minute film runs continuously throughout the day.

Make sure to visit Star Wars Launch Bay soon as it is a temporary attraction and will be at Hollywood Studios only until 2019, when the new Star Wars Land opens.

Star Tours

Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Star Tours is a 3-D flight simulator ride blasting you off into a thrilling out-of-this-world experience.  You basically engage in an intergalactic battle with the bad guys as the Imperial Forces capture your starship.  The cool part about Star Tours is you get to experience a different adventure every time you go.  You will visit different places and encounter different characters with each ride, making for a unique experience.

Located on Echo Lake, this ride is more for older kids and beyond.  There is a height minimum of 40 inches and FastPass+ is offered, so make sure to reserve your FastPass+ to cut the wait in line.


Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios

For the shopaholics, there is plenty of Star Wars merchandise to go around.  There are stores located throughout Hollywood Studios selling everything from Star Wars character dolls to branded clothing and other items.  They also sell these super cute Star Wars-themed Mickey Mouse ears that light up, which looks really awesome at night.

Watch a Film Retelling of the Star Wars Saga

Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios

At Echo Lake, you can also watch Star Wars:  Path of the Jedi, which is a short film compilation of the best scenes from the Star Wars movies.  Learn the story of the Jedi Order’s fall and return to good in this quick 12-minute showing.  You will also get a sneak peek of footage from Star Wars:  The Last Jedi.

Jedi Training for Kids

One thing you will notice is like 99% of the kids at Hollywood Studios are carrying light sabers.  This is a popular item here, and it may be due to the Jedi training academy that Hollywood Studios offers as part of its Star Wars activities.

In Jedi Training:  Trials of the Temple, children ages 4 through 12 can learn the powers of the Force and use lightsabers properly.  They only have a short time to practice before the Star Wars villains come out, putting their newly learned Jedi skills to the ultimate test!

To participate in Jedi Training, bring your child to the Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost to get registered.  Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure you register early.  Registration begins as soon as Hollywood Studios opens.  Numerous sessions are held throughout the day, and the training is about 20 minutes long.

Star Wars:  A Galactic Spectacular Laser and Fireworks Show

Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios

If you can make it to this last event of the night, I highly encourage it!  This is Hollywood Studios’ equivalent of the nightly fireworks show, and you should try your best to catch it before you head out of the park.  Scenes from the Star Wars films are projected onto the Chinese Theater while lasers, lights, and awesome pyrotechnics light up the skies!

Good to Know:  A Galactic Spectacular show will always start at 8:15 p.m. from now on, an update from its original 8 p.m. start time.

Star Wars:  Galaxy’s Edge Coming in 2019

Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios
(Photograph Courtesy of Disney)

We all call it Star Wars Land, but Disney has officially named it Star Wars:  Galaxy’s Edge.  Scheduled to open in 2019, it will first debut at Disneyland in California, then open at Hollywood Studios shortly after that.  The setting is on the planet Batuu, a remote outpost.  Here, you will be able to fly the Millenium Falcom as well as encounter various Star Wars characters.  It should be pretty cool and very popular once it opens next year.

Special Event on May 27th

Now, for the ultimate Star Wars fans, Hollywood Studios is holding a special ticketed event on May 27th.  Star Wars:  Galactic Nights is a one-night-only event that takes place from 7 p.m. until midnight.  Galactic Nights will feature exclusive character photo ops and enhanced entertainment, as well as special food and beverage offerings.  That night, famous scenes from the Star Wars saga will also be projected onto the Tower of Terror.

Tickets are not yet out, but will be available soon.  Adult tickets are $129 plus tax, and tickets for children ages 9 and under will cost $124 plus tax.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to Star Wars at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and hope to see you at Disney World soon!

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