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Surviving a Rainy Day at Disney World

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Summer in Florida is not always as pretty as everyone thinks.  Hurricane season runs from June to November, so expect rain on any given day.  Don’t let a rainy day spoil the fun!  Read on for tips on surviving a rainy day at Disney World!

Ponchos are your best friend.

rainy day at Disney
Poncho weather!

Your #1 necessary accessory for a rainy day at Disney World is a poncho.  Ponchos keep you (mostly) dry and keep your hands free to carry babies, push strollers, eat a Mickey pretzel, etc.

Ponchos can be purchased at the parks, but I like to come prepared.  Besides, you will most likely need to put them on as soon as you get out of your car.  I bought mine for $4.99 in the Disney section at Target.  You can also buy the one-time-use version for less than a dollar, which works for temporary rain showers, but not so well if it rains all day.

rainy day at Disney
Disney ponchos at Target

Oh, and I usually pack a couple of towels for drying off.

Don’t forget to bring an umbrella!

I find umbrellas annoying because I have to hold them, which makes it hard to wrangle children, strollers, and popcorn buckets, especially if I don’t have the help of extra adults.  However, umbrellas keep you doubly dry and will always come in handy on a rainy day.

rainy day at Disney
Raining on the way to the Magic Kingdom ferry.

Wear the correct shoes.

I personally hate the thought of water getting inside my shoes and having to walk around with wet, sopping, pruny feet.  Gross!  On rainy days, I am totally cool wearing flip flops or any sort of open sandals.  I put my kid in his Crocs.  I also have some rubber rain boots, but not sure how comfortable I will be walking around all day in those, so I have not tried them yet.  (I’ll post an update if I do.)

Expect to walk through puddles everywhere, by the way!

rainy day at Disney
Entering Disney property and the rain has not stopped!

Protect your strollers.

Even on a rainy day, you may still have to leave your stroller at a stroller parking area.  I have yet to find myself one of those useful plastic stroller covers, but for now I have been using a large beach towel or laying out one of my plastic ponchos to cover my double stroller.

In heavy rain, my makeshift covering is of no help, by the way.  A cast member (I assume) at Epcot was kind enough to move my (lone) stroller under an umbrella while I was at an attraction. Thank you, CM!

Watching Epcot concerts in the rain!

rainy day at Disney
Don Felder, of the Eagles, at Epcot Garden Rocks

It rained on a few days of the 2018 Garden Rocks series during the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival, but every single show was still a go.  This year, not one show was cancelled because of the rain!

I watched The Guess Who concert during literally a torrential downpour.  We were all drenched, but the rain did not stop the band from playing.  If you can, try to grab seats in the first half of the America Gardens Theatre, which is covered.

However, attractions will close if there is lightning in the vicinity.  This is a safety issue.  Nobody wants to get struck by lightning, and Disney closes all outdoor attractions if there is any lightning nearby.  For your own safety, seek shelter indoors.

Rainy days are fun!

rainy day at Disney
Going home after a rainy day!

Make the best of the situation, expect to get wet, and enjoy yourself!  As long as you pack correctly and come prepared with the right mindset, you should have a great time during your rainy day at Disney World!

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