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Review of Be Our Guest Lunch

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FINALLY, after months of trying, I snagged a lunch reservation at Be Our Guest restaurant, located in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland.  Read on for my review of my Be Our Guest Lunch!

Reserve ahead of time!

Yes, it is true that reservations are really, really hard to get at Be Our Guest.  You have to reserve as early as possible, and you reservations open up 180 days in advance.  If you are not able to find any availability, I suggest you check every day, every hour, until you do!

Keep checking, seriously, because people do cancel their reservations, making it available for you.

be our guest lunch
The Beast’s Castle, home of Be Our Guest Restaurant

You need a credit card to guarantee your reservation.

On the My Disney Experience app, use a credit card to guarantee your reservation.  You will not be charged to make the reservation, but if you do not cancel within 24 hours of your reservation time, you will be charged a minimum of $10 per head.

The Check-in Process

Before you can enter the Beast’s castle, you have to check in with the host/hostess, who is located to the left of the bridge entrance.

be our guest lunch
The famous “Be Our Guest” sign at the entrance

Note that they will not let you check in super early.  I tried to check in for my 2:10 p.m. reservation at around 1:50 p.m. and was told they only let your party in about five to ten minutes before your reservation, no earlier.

When I was finally able to check in, the hostess gave me a menu to browse over while we waited.  We took pictures walking across the bridge and with the gargoyles, then finally entered the castle.

be our guest lunch
Lots of photo opportunities on the way to the Beast’s Castle!

We immediately encountered two lines, so we chose the shorter one and waited for another five to ten minutes.  The interior design of the Beast’s castle is pretty cool, with fancy chandeliers, crests of all colors, and knights in shining armor all strategically placed to entertain you while you wait.

be our guest lunch
Suits of armor (They too are enchanted!)

Ordering Food

You can order online ahead of time, or via kiosks at the restaurant.

I didn’t order online as I wanted to do things the traditional way my first time experiencing a Be Our Guest lunch, but I do know you have the option to order your lunch up to 30 days in advance online and pay when you arrive.  Your food will be delivered directly to your table.

I chose to order when I arrived using the restaurant’s kiosks.  My kid was being fussy by the time we got to the kiosks, so the ordering part turned out to be much more stressful than I anticipated.

be our guest lunch
Ordering at the kiosk

It is all pretty self-explanatory, but I did have to ask a cast member for help because the credit card reader was acting up.  Next time, I probably will place my order online beforehand.

After you have paid and printed out your receipt, you can enter the dining area.

The Grand Ballroom

be our guest lunch
The Grand Ballroom (closes at 2:30 p.m. for dinner).

You have three dining room options – the Grand Ballroom, the West Wing, and the Rose Gallery.

You will first enter the Grand Ballroom, the largest and most famous dining area.  This is the one you usually see in pictures, created to look just like the ballroom in which Belle and the Beast dance as Mrs. Potts sings the “Beauty and the Beast” song.

The Grand Ballroom is pretty.  I love the artwork on the ceiling and the chandeliers, and you can even look out the windows toward the back of the dining room and watch the snow falling outside. On the negative side, lunchtime in the Grand Ballroom is loud and crowded, which decreases the fancy atmosphere, if that is what you are expecting.

be our guest lunch
The Grand Ballroom at lunchtime – beautiful, but also crowded and noisy!

If you are standing in the grand ballroom looking out the snowy windows, to your left is the West Wing and to your right is a dining room called “The Rose Gallery.”

The West Wing

be our guest lunch
The dark and eerie West Wing

The West Wing is probably the coolest room because it is dark and eerie.  A cast member warned us that it is dark in there with loud noises of thunder, which could be scary for the little ones, so we opted for the brighter and much more open Grand Ballroom.

be our guest lunch
Prince Adam’s destroyed portrait
be our guest lunch
The enchanted rose

The West Wing is the Beast’s lair and it is pretty awesome.  It is dark and spooky, complete with dimly lit candles, heavy drapery, plus Prince Adam’s clawed-through painting on the wall and the enchanted rose with falling petals.  Next time, with or without kids, I will choose the West Wing!

The Rose Gallery

be our guest lunch
Belle and the Beast dancing on a music box

This room is probably the most uncool of all, but it is also the quietest and least crowded.  If you are looking for some relaxing time away from people or need less stimulation for your already hyperactive children, this would be the room to dine in.

When I was there for lunch, there were plenty of tables available in this room.  Here, you will hear the sounds of a music box, dining around a larger-than-life music box with a revolving seven-foot statute of Belle and the Beast dancing together.  Apparently, this music box was carved by Maurice, Belle’s father!

The walls in the room are covered with art pieces dedicated to the Beauty and the Beast franchise.

Note:  People get confused because of the room’s name, but the enchanted rose like in the movie is located in the West Wing, not the Rose Gallery.

Lunch is quick service only.

The Be Our Guest lunch is a quick-service dining experience, and so is breakfast.  Only dinner is table service.

This means that you order at the kiosks (or online), find your own table, and a cast member will bring your food out to you.  That’s pretty much all the “service” you get.  You collect your own silverware and fill up your own beverages.  If you need any assistance, the cast members are very pleasant and helpful!

It’s about the experience, not the food.

be our guest lunch
Lunch has arrived!

For two adults and two toddlers, here is exactly what I ordered from the Be Our Guest Lunch Menu:

  • French Dip Sandwich – $16.99
  • Carved Turkey Sandwich – $15.99
  • Fountain Beverage – $3.29
  • Fountain Beverage – $3.29
  • Mickey Straw – $0.69
  • Mickey Straw – $0.69
  • Carved Turkey Sandwich Kids’ Meal (split between two toddlers) – $8.49
  • The Master’s Cupcake – $4.99
  • TOTAL (with 6.5% tax) = $57.96

The food was pretty bland, so it is truly about the atmosphere and overall experience.  Do not expect fine cuisine for a Be Our Guest lunch!

be our guest lunch
Carved Turkey Sandwich
be our guest lunch
French Dip Sandwich
be our guest lunch
Carved Turkey Sandwich – Kids’ Meal
be our guest lunch
The Master’s Cupcake

The Master’s Cupcake was the best part.  It is basically a chocolate cupcake frosted with the “grey stuff,” which really is delicious!  This was definitely my son’s favorite part.  (He did not eat any of his turkey sandwich.)

be our guest lunch
Trying the “grey stuff”!

Another thing to note, the restaurant closes at 2:30 p.m. to prepare for dinner, so we were one of the last ones still eating with our 2:10 p.m. reservation.  The cast members will not kick you out, so take your time.  They will just be cleaning up and setting any empty tables around you.

Final Thoughts and Tips

I had an overall great experience with my Be Our Guest lunch.  No, the food was not great, but my son loved the “grey stuff,” which made the time worthwhile.  The ambience is what you pay for, and a must-do at least one time.  After all, you get to go inside the Beast’s castle!  For the budget-conscious, choose lunch because it is the most inexpensive option.

I have yet to do breakfast and dinner at Be Our Guest, but when I do, I will definitely be posting!  I will be back!  Now, on to finding a reservation… 🙂

be our guest lunch
We had a dabbing good time!

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