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SeaWorld’s Electric Ocean Review

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This week, we headed off to SeaWorld Orlando to check out Electric Ocean, a nighttime summer celebration of light and music with, of course, an ocean/sea creatures theme!  Here is my SeaWorld Orlando Electric Ocean review!

First, It Rained.  

We were visiting specifically for the Electric Ocean nighttime events, so did not even get to the park until past 4 p.m.  Going in, we were met with a stampede of people making their way out of the park.  I could see dark rain clouds headed our way.  Having lived in Florida for years, let me advise you that there is no need to panic.  More often than not, this is passing rain.  The rain comes down unrelentingly for a few minutes, then it’s gone.  Come prepared with your most favorite plastic ponchos and don’t let it ruin your vacation!

Electric Ocean review
The reality of a summer afternoon in Florida.

So, after scanning in, we casually strolled into the first store, Shamu’s Emporium, to “shop” (aka, seek shelter from the rain).  Seconds later, BOOM goes the lightning, and down comes the rain in a heavy, torrential downpour.  (The picture above does not do said rain any justice by the way.)

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Twenty minutes later, the rain had stopped.  We had time to snap a couple of pictures in front of the SeaWorld sign, currently Electric Ocean-themed, when I saw more rain clouds coming.  Quickly, we made our way towards Manta to seek shelter in the aquarium one more time for another few minutes of passing rain.  Tons of people were seeking shelter from the rain inside the Manta aquarium, so it felt like a wet, hot sauna in there.  Fortunately, the rain passed quickly and we went back on our way to start our Electric Ocean festivities.

Touch the Sky Dolphin Show

Electric Ocean review
Dolphins take flight!

Our first stop was at Dolphin Stadium for the “Touch the Sky” show at 5:45 p.m., then we would go in a clockwise direction from there.  “Touch the Sky” was just alright.  There was more time dedicated to the macaws (as the show focuses a lot on flight, hence, its title), learning how they are native to South America and that they are on the verge of extinction.  Set to upbeat music, the macaws fly over the crowd several times, and the dolphins leap out of the water.  Other than more show time for the macaws and new music, it seemed like pretty much a repeat of the “Dolphin Days” show that runs regularly every day.

Sea Lions Tonite

Electric Ocean review
My favorite show at Electric Ocean!

After the dolphin show, we made our way to the 6:30 p.m. “Sea Lions Tonite” show at the Sea Lion and Otter Stadium.  Surprisingly, this ended up being my favorite show!  It’s a parody show and spoof of “a typical day at SeaWorld Orlando,” and I laughed hysterically throughout the entire thing.  The show starts off in the parking lot, then Clyde getting his bags searched at by Security.  Of course, the security guard finds food in Clyde’s lunchbox and tells him he can’t bring food into the park so that “SeaWorld can charge exorbitant prices for food.”

Electric Ocean review
Super hilarious!

From there, it’s an exaggerated reenactment of SeaWorld’s shows, such as Dolphin Days and Shamu’s One Ocean.  It’s all about SeaWorld poking fun at themselves.  I laughed so hard at the stuffed-toy macaws and flamboyant acting of the Dolphin Days “trainers.”  There’s also the SeaWorld mime to add to the comedy.  For those that are familiar with the regular shows at SeaWorld Orlando, I think you’ll find Sea Lions Tonite hilarious!  It was the highlight of the evening and easily my favorite show at Electric Ocean.

POP:  Bubbles Show

Electric Ocean review
Bubbles come to life!

We got to the Nautilus Theater pretty early for the 7:30 p.m. POP bubble art show, so it was a nice place to cool off and relax for a bit.  After Sea Lions Tonite, I would say this is my next favorite show, which features the Yang family of bubble artists.  For our show, we had Deni Yang, a soft-spoken young guy and the son of the legendary bubble artist, Fan Yang.

“Hi, my name is Deni Yang,” he told the audience.  “I’m 27, and I still play with bubbles.”

I’ve never seen (or even heard of) a “bubble artist,” so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What came next was pretty amazing!  More upbeat music, this time with bubbles being used as the art medium.  Who knew someone could do all this stuff with bubbles?  Smoke in bubbles.  Bubbles in bubbles.  Rainbow bubbles.  Bubbles swallowing children whole.

Electric Ocean review
“Bubble up, bubble up, bubble, bubble, bubble up!”

There’s lots of bubbles going on with this show.  Like, all over your face and in your hair lots!  Sit towards the front and in the middle of the theater for the best bubbles experience.

Be careful exiting the theater because the floor gets super slippery with all the bubble solution!

Exclusive Treats and Free Beer

After watching the bubble artistry, we all needed a snack break.  Electric Ocean offers exclusive food and drink options for the event.  They have shacks set up throughout the park.

Electric Ocean review
Free beer of the day = Coors Light and Yuengling.

Also, don’t forget, SeaWorld gives everyone over the age of 21 two free complimentary beers throughout the summer!  That’s a pretty sweet deal, so don’t forget to take advantage of that if you’re in the park.

Light Up the Night with Shamu

After our snack break, we headed into Shamu Stadium for the 8:45 p.m. Light Up the Night show.  We ended up in seats way up in the nosebleeds because we arrived only around 15 minutes before the show started.  There was a DJ playing high-energy music and lots of dancing inside the stadium.  Finally, the lights dimmed and the show started.  The killer whales did tricks to the upbeat music, along with a colorful light show that reflected nicely on the water.

Electric Ocean review
Pretty colors, but I was not impressed.

Unfortunately, I was not impressed.  There seemed to be a lot of dead time and wondering what is happening or what we are supposed to be watching.  Someone around me whispered, “Where is Shamu?” at one dead point during the show.  I dislike the One Ocean killer whale show that is featured on regular park days, and Light Up the Night joins One Ocean on my “Seeing it Once is Enough” list.  If all you’re interested in is getting soaked and splashed by marine animals, this is the show for you because that’s the only entertaining part of this show.

Club Sea Glow Dance Party

Electric Ocean review
Dance the night away with people dressed as sea creatures!

Happening the same time as Light Up the Night with Shamu is the Club Sea Glow Dance Party, which started at 8 p.m. at Bayside Stadium.  We headed over there immediately after the show at Shamu Stadium to find the dance party still in full swing!  It looked fun, so we ran down the steps of Bayside Stadium to join the dancing, along with hundreds of other families.  People dressed as glowing sea creatures were in the crowd as well, line dancing with little kids.  It might look like a crazy electronic dance festival from far away, but really it is a family-friendly dance party where kids and adults can join in on the fun!

Ignite Fireworks Spectacular

The Ignite fireworks show started at 9:30 p.m., but it was way past my kid’s bedtime.  By then, he was sleepy and cranky, so we decided to head home.  I was able to see the fireworks coming from Bayside Stadium from the parking lot as I loaded my kid into his carseat.  I’ll just have to catch the Ignite fireworks next time!

Oh, and walking through the theme park is so pretty during Electric Ocean!  Everything is glowing!  Here’s a few pics I snapped on my way out:

Electric Ocean review
Near Shamu Stadium.
Electric Ocean review
Outside Bayside Stadium.
Electric Ocean review
Near the Wild Arctic ride.

Final Thoughts

I’ve said before in other posts that I’m not a huge SeaWorld fan.  Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun at Electric Ocean.  I think it’s the best event thus far that I’ve attended at SeaWorld Orlando better than the Seven Seas Food Festival or any of the Christmas stuff.  Electric Ocean is like a big family-friendly rave that I think most kids (and adults) will enjoy!

Electric Ocean review
Everything’s glowing!

Electric Ocean runs from May 25th to September 2nd.

I hope you enjoyed my SeaWorld’s Electric Ocean review!  Thanks for reading!

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